Known as: Bluefin tuna (UK), Thon rouge (FR)

Through an exclusive co-operation with an aquaculture of bluefin tuna, with main facilities in Spain, we are able to offer the best quality tuna. Bluefin tuna is a delicacy appreciated worldwide for its outstanding culinary and nutritional properties.

All our bluefin tuna are wild adult fish caught using sustainable fishing techniques. They are raised, fed and caught to order, following the Japanese technique of ike jime.

Our commitment is to guarantee a supply of bluefin tuna to our customers, offering the utmost quality and full guarantees in terms of food safety and respect for the species and its habitat.


Due to its large size, its cleanliness and its versatility, the loin is the most used cut of tuna, ideal for raw preparations.

The Japanese divide the loin into Akami and Chutoro. The Akami is the part attached to the spine and has an intense red color and a lower level of fat. The Chutoro is the part attached to the skin and has a pinker color, due to the higher level of infiltrated fat.

The loin is ideal for raw preparations. In sashimi, sushi, tartare, ceviche or simply grilled or grilled, the result is spectacular.

Loin with belly

One of the most prized cuts of bluefin tuna is the Harakami, the lower loin and belly. This cut measures 32 cm in length, combining two of the most prized and valued parts of the tuna, combined in one single product with a host of contrasts: colour contrast between the intense red of the loin and the paler pink of the belly, contrasting flavours because of the different levels of fattiness.

Lower loin with belly unquestionably offers endless culinary potential.


The most legendary cut of tuna, and one of the most highly prized by lovers of fine cuisine. With a pinkish colour and silky, highly delicate texture, the belly, also known as “Otoro” is to be found at the base of the lower loin, and contains the highest level of fat.

The undisputed star of dishes served raw, such as sushi, tartar and sashimi, although its versatility also allows it to shine in other forms, such as grilled, barbecued or in a range of casseroles. Some chefs cook it to create a striking roasted crust.